Shade: S93 PVC Exterior Blinds & Interior Blinds

Rs. 80.00

PVC Blinds. Light transmission 40% 

Fabric: PVC slats and Polyester Yarn.

Alternating clear and opaque slats. 

Protect your living space from sun and rain with our classic range of exterior blinds. These blinds are durable and perfect for exterior use.

Operating system: 

  • 1. Lock & Pulley Mechanism: Traditional lock & pulley system is the simple mechanism that rolls the blinds up and down. This can also lock the blinds from rolling down at any height. 
  • 2. Chain-Lift Mechanism: A more advanced operating mechanism that facilitates easy lift of the blinds. The blinds can be lifted up, rolled down and stopped anywhere in between by effortlessly pulling the chain system on the side of the blinds.  

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